Susanne and Derrick Simon wrote...

November 8, 2016

" Dear Stacy,

Who would have known that the day you called in to check on the viability of sponsoring a radio show that we would work together and you would help me and Derrick buy the home of our dreams and sell our current home in record time!

I knew I wanted to work with you during that first conversation.  You were so nice and upbeat and you shared things openly.  I could tell you had our best interests at heart.

Thank you for helping us assess the market; determine our strategy for buying and selling and making the entire process so easy. 

There is always risk carrying two mortgages.  That was my biggest fear and I was mentally prepared to hang in there for a month or two but when our house sold after being on the market less than a week I knew it was because of your coaching and strategy.  The way you marketed our house was inspired.  I never would have thought of that method and I remember thinking “Really?  This will work?”.  It worked alright!

I also really appreciate the way you value both parties in the transaction.  I never got the feeling that you were only out for us and that the other parties’ point of view and wellbeing were always paramount for you.  

If ANYONE you work with wants a reference you send them to me!  I will tell them what I’m telling you.  That you care, you have knowledge, you’re always available, you never left us on our own, you made sure we understood everything that was going on, and you advocated for us.  Plus you work with people with extraordinary skill and grace and you love what you do.

Thank God we found you!  I hope we get to work together again.


 Susanne and Derrick Simon

Sugar Land, Texas"